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Iym Smrt
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I both love Music and Art. I Believe I started to draw when I was like 3 or 4 years old. During that time, between and now I have gotten pretty good at drawing. I even had time to draw realistic people and a wolf for art class. I am kind of a good author when I wrote my books, the lonely cheese, Chowder (a chapter book based after the TV show, I wrote it first grade) and Mr. Minty and the Fuzzy Guy (a published book I wrote in 4th grade, only 2 in existence) then some fan made stories for Eddsworld; Funny, we shrunked Edd and Camping Time (not really about camping). I've recently started drawing Animes and I sent one to Italy for PewDiePie. I sometimes draw Eddsworld Characters as Kids, Futures, one time I drew them as a band. :D I'd say im a HUGE fan of Eddsworld and I check almost everyday for the next Eddisode.

I also have a 3ds and I usually take pictures, watch Videos and play games. My Friend Code is 0061-0000-1297 but I think you should tell me yours unless I have already did .... Except my 3ds died and I have to get a new one or a new 3ds c:

I have created YouTube Time for Youtubers that I like to watch on YouTube :D The weird thing is I made up there is this prince who likes this princess in YouTube time but there from different Channels... Yeah... The Prince has a twin brother too. So the People who I like on YouTube who are in YouTube time are Eddsworld (Paul included), Yogscast, Vsauce, SplashKittyArtist, Smpfilms, OfficalNerdCubed, PewDiePie, Tobuscus and then so on... I made an ask account for Duncan in the yogscast; :iconask-theflyingdoctor: even though his REAL account is :iconlividcoffee:

I love Area 11, the songs just make me melt so much!!! I have made up two area 11 characters as ponies.... Parv and Sparkles* :D Sparkles* is a Pegasus and Parv is a Unicorn... I don't know what would be Leo and Kogie...


-Animal Jam
- Adventure Quest (fancycow, :iconlikeasirplz:)
- Rpg (WarriorCats and PonySquare)
-Area 11 <3
-Paul ter Voorde :o (Artwork :icondancingmonkeyplz:
- Drawing
- My 3ds
- Videoing on my 3ds...
- music
- reading
- Yogscast Nilesy and Zoey :3
- PewDiePie

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She starts to talk about what would the both of you might do when you both get home. You thought of something, then you remembered about your cat. You began to run forward. Your friend ran to catch up to you. You stop at a road. You told her that she went the wrong way and began to turn around. She stops you from walking away. She tells you that the both of you could go adventuring. You disagreed because your cat might be gone. She begged you to come. "Only three days, please!", she said as she continued to beg. You sighed, then you finally agreed to go adventuring with her. She then hugged you, when you agreed, tightly. The both of you wondered which way you two should go. There was a car that passed by going to left. You suggested going left. She agreed with you. The both of you started to walk left. Your friend has a big smile on her face. You were glad to see her happy, but still worried about your cat.

The two of you ended up in another city. You went to go back the other way, but she was already walking in the city, looking at the buildings and cars. You try to stop her, but no use. You then notice people where looking at you and see that you and your friend were muddy, wet and a bit cold. You pick her up and ran into an alley way. She had screamed when you picked her up. You put her down and told her why you picked her up. She said that people have problems with us.

There were a few cats in the alley way. Probably, about five cats. You then notice there was a cat that looked like your cat. Seeing that cat make you miss your cat even more. You turn around and saw your friend ran off. You sighed, then ran to go find her. You found her at a park. You ask her why she ran off again. Her answer was that she didn't want to see you sad about your cat and she came here to clean off the mud in the lake. You decided to go into the lake to wash off. Minutes later, you were clean, but cold and wet. You and your friend walked around the city until your clothes were dry.

You suggested to sleep in the alley way when night comes. She wanted to rent a room in a hotel or something, but you tell her that you didn't bring any money. You remind her that it is an adventure, so the both of you went back to the alley. She made a little cardboard box house for herself. She asks you if you want one, too. You said sure and you and your friend made a slightly bigger, cardboard box house. After you two finished, night was falling in. You tell her to go to sleep in her cardboard box.

She could not fall asleep. You were already sleeping in your box. She didn't want to wake you up, so she layed in the box, staring at the night sky.

Hours later, she heard foot steps. She was scared if it was a murderer. When the person came into the alley way, screamed loudly, awaking you. You got up and started to attack the person. The man told you to stop with a deep voice. Your friend gets up and asks the man why he was there. He answered that he was a hobo who was looking for a alley to sleep in and then after she screamed, he thought another hobo was already there. You tell him that the both of you weren't hobos, but your friend interruped to say that the both of you were hobos and we will let him stay the night. You whisper to her, asking her why she did that. She told you that we can go on a hobo adventure. You facepalm when she said "Hobo Adventure." You didn't like the idea at all. She asks the hobo if the both of you could go adventuring with him. The hobo said no thanks. You were relieved what he said and you sent her back to bed, again. You fall asleep in your box. The hobo was sleeping infront of you. You moved around to find another spot to sleep.

Early in the morning, the hobo wakes up and leaves the alley way. Few minutes later, your friend wakes up. She really wants to go on an adventure, so she followed the hobo. The hobo was heading to a train station and got into a box car and she got on the box car with the hobo. The hobo tells her to get off. She told him that she wanted to go on an adventure. The hobo sighed, but he let her join him.

You wake up a hour later. You look around for your friend. You notice that the hobo was gone, so you began to think she went with him. You ran out of the alley way to go find her. You then heard a train and thought she got on the train. You were close to the train station, so you got there when the train was about to leave. You found her in a box car with the hobo. The train starts to move. You start to walk to the box car. The train starts moving faster and faster, until you started running. Your friend held her hand out so you can grab it and get in the box car. You eventually grab her hand and she brings you in the box car with some help of the hobo. You close the door and sat by the wall.

She was sitting on a box. You tell her to get off the box and to sit with you. You get mad at her for running off again. You start to yell at her for getting the both of you into this mess. She starts to cry a bit and she ran over to a corner that hid her behind boxes. You started to think about what you just said to her. You walk over to her to apologize about what you have told her, but she said that she doesn't know you anymore. You sit down next to her to try to apologize again, but she didn't say anything. She tries to push you away. You start to think about how to get home. You tell her your idea about getting off when the train stops and traveling back home by foot. She said sure, but she was still crying. You start to tickle her and she starts to laugh, that got her to stop crying. You stop tickling her and she hugged you and forgived you. You tell her that you were really sorry about what you said to her. She forgives you once again. You tell her that you have a question to for the hobo to anwer. She said that she didn't care, but you can go ask him anyways. You got up and walked over to the hobo. You ask him about when does the train stop and what city it stops in. The man said the train stops in a hour or two later and he didn't know what city. You sighed, then walked back to your friend. You tell her it might take an hour or more to get to the next city. She tells you she hard what the hobo said.

For the next four hours, you and your friend play some games such as rock, paper, scissors, and Go fish. She asked you why you had cards. You tell her you always bring them with you.

The train stops at a small town. The both of you get off at the train station. You leave the hobo in the boxcar, the hobo says Goodbye. You tell him goodbye aswell, so did your friend.

This time, she did not run off. She thought if she did run off, you would abandon her. She did not want that to happen. You tell her to stay close to you and she did. You and your friend start to walk on the sidewalk. You find a map that shows where the two of you where at. You figured out what city you two where in and told her that you two were at was probabl 6 hours away by car, it would be days to return home. You start to think about your cat again. You tell her when the both of you get home, the both of you will start to make posters for your cat. What you just said made her think of the cat, too. She tells you that she saw a cat on the boxcar that looks like your cat. You tell her that you didnt see the cat. She thinks maybe it was your cat. She has a question but she might ask you later.

You were a bit stressed out, so you ask her if she wanted to visit the park. She nodded and the two of you raced to the park.

When you two got to the park, you sat down on a bench. She sits on the ground next to you. You tell her she can go look around while you rest. She replies that if she left your side, you would abandon her. You said why would she think you would abandon her. She shyly tells you that the times she had ran off and you found her, you yelled a her. You tell her that you are like parents and don't want to lose her, and you also tell her that you didn't like most of the prank and you are sorry for yelling at her. She starts to cry a lot and then hugs you tightly. She says, with a bit more crying, that she was sorry for doing pranks on you, and then she thought you were going to laugh at one. It apparently never happened. She promised herself that she will not do anymore pranks on you. You happily agreed with her.

She got up and hugged you once more, and she ran off in the park. You were relaxing, but you were still thinking about your cat and how to get home. You then felt something soft touching you. You look under the bench and found a black cat. The cat came out under the bench and jumped on your lap. You start to pet the cat. It looked exactly like the cat you saw in the alley way. You started to think it was your cat, but it wasn't wearing a collar. The cat was purring loudly. You picked up the cat and put him down on the ground. He rubbed his cat head on your leg and then gone back under the bench.



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